Posted by: ahmedashfaque | November 2, 2014

Software testing outsourcing – test management considerations

Software testing can be made a sub-project in itself which can be part of the entire software development project. In cases where cost, expertise or any other factor leads to outsourcing of the testing function, it is possible to do so. however, before doing so, it is important to consider few points.

if the project is in agile environment then test outsourcing is difficult though not impossible. I have worked on a project where the software project followed an agile approach and still the testing function was outsourced. let me show you the organization structure and methodology involved in this project.

The foremost point to consider is that, it was a project where product development was involved. This means that there was a continuity for all functions on the project.

The product was developed keeping in mind that there was a major release of the product roughly every 6 months. Each project used to correspond to this major release. Then roughly every 4 weeks there used to be a minor release. Each project iteration was corresponding to these minor releases. These iterations were roughly running for 4 weeks each. After completion of one iteration, next iteration will start till all iterations within one major product release got completed.

There was a test manager at client side who was responsible for all test activities on all projects & project iterations. There were 2 outsourced test teams each one led by a test lead. Each test team was comprised of 6 testers. The kind of tests done were usability, pre end user testing, functional testing, regression testing, load testing etc.

The product was a SAS (software as a service) product where the product was running on a server and users could access it and do their work based on monthly subscription fee.

In this scenario, all white box testing was done by developers themselves and all black box testing was done by outsourced test teams.

this arrangement worked very well for the customer. The cost of outsourced testing was 1/3 rd of normal testing done on site using own test teams. At the same time, testing teams were composed of well trained testers who were competent.


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