Posted by: ahmedashfaque | November 10, 2014

coming of age for internet technologies

After the internet boom of late 1990’s, many companies had mushroomed promising customers to do all their shopping on the internet instead from brick and mortar shops. After the bubble burst of the first ever internet boom, there was a skepticism whether internet will ever be able to offer the kind of things promised to customers during the boom period.

There were good reasons why the bubble burst. first, the technology at that time was not ripe to take care of demands put by e-commerce. In those days, most people were concerned about linking the front end (the web shop on the internet) to back-ends (the fulfillment system, accounting system etc.). At that time, the IT technology had not grown enough to take care of seamless integration of every kind of systems involved in doing e-commerce. Second, people were not used to do shopping through a new channel. No body could believe that once their credit card was charged on some internet site, they will ever be to get the promised goods. The biggest concern was theft of credit card information and its misuse. People were rightly concerned about security of transactions done on many websites those days.

In last 20 years or so, things have changed. Now internet is the platform which is being used for doing all sorts of things. Companies use internet to integrate their many physical business sites. Consumers do their shopping securely over the internet knowing that their credit card information is in safe hands. Many tools have developed which allow people with no technical background to set up their shops on the internet with all sophisticated features. Now no body talks about how to integrate their front ends to their back ends.

Even though as a platform which is designed for public use where all kinds of people can do their own things, internet poses security risks. Nevertheless the internet technology is now so sophisticated that private and totally secure transactions can be done.




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