Posted by: ahmedashfaque | December 23, 2014

tips for JSP project development in eclipse

I just came across a configuration problem for developing projects in eclipse. There is no reliable documentation available anywhere so i thought it could be good for people searching for information regarding this aspect.

If you create a dynamic web project in eclipse then you are asked for dynamic web module version in the dialog box. With current version of eclipse Luna, the dynamic web module version defaults to 3.0. People just take this default version and build their project. But when they try to run it on a web application server like Tomcat or J2EE Preview server or any other server then they get error page “HTTP 404 – This context is not defined for the server”. On the browser they see a message “Service not available”.

People try to debug and reconfigure the server, look into documents for solutions or google it but they do not get satisfactory solution.

The problem is not with the application server at all. The problem is there in the web module version (Java Facet definition). With current version of applications servers available, this web module version of 3.0 is not compatible. At best version 2.5 is compatible.

So the solution is to create a new project with web module version of 2.5. If you do this then it will work. There is no way you can change web module version of an already built project. You must have to abandon it and create a new project with specification i have provided.


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