Posted by: ahmedashfaque | December 24, 2014

tips for jsp project development in eclipse part 2

Importance of having a good IDE (integrated development environment) should never be understated. Just another day, I was using J2EE preview application server to develop a project. After developing and saving the project, tried to run it on J2EE Preview server. Guess what? I was getting “service not available” message and so could not run and test the application. Since no detailed message was available as to why “service was not available”, I was in a fix as what went wrong? I checked my code, checked all services in the IDE and could not find any problem anywhere. Then why the application was not able to run.

Then I decided to check my application on Tomcat server. When i tried to add my project on Tomcat, i could not see my project in the list. So i was not able to add my project on Tomcat. After going through some documentation, i learned that the dynamic web module version of my project was not compatible with the Tomcat version i was using. Now when I tried to run a project with compatible dynamic web module version on Tomcat, it ran nicely.

Moral of the story is that your IDE should be good. All testing environment should be such that you should be able see the problems so that you can fix them. If any part of your testing environment does not emit messages or emits wrong messages then you will break your head but will not be able to find the problems in your code or your environment. In the case I have mentioned here, J2EE Preview server is a very basic server and does not has capabilities to produce good messages during deployment or running your application. So finding problems becomes extremely difficult. On the other hand Tomcat is a good server and will always emit good messages through out deployment and running and testing your application.

A good IDE makes all the difference between good productivity and bad productivity.


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