Posted by: ahmedashfaque | December 28, 2014

long term impact of leadership decision making

The world we live in is largely shaped by the decisions taken by our leaders in the past. For example, today’s India is a pluralistic and democratic country. On the other hand Pakistan, which was partitioned from India on Independence, is a chaotic failed state. We do not need to go further to study this contrast if we want to study the impact of decisions of our leaders.

India was shaped by visionary leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Maulana Azad etc. All these leaders had worldviews which included ideals of secularity, equal opportunity, equal rights for all people. All these leaders held these principles highly and thus when constitution of India was made, they ensured that the constitution should reflect these ethos. despite doubts raised by people from time to time, the Indian democracy has functioned and thrived. Consider the example of 1977 elections when no body would have thought that an autocratic leader like Mrs. Indira Gandhi would face defeat despite the fact that there were no major opposition parties in place. But disillusioned Indians shown in that election that autocratic rulers are not allowed to rule in India and so Mrs. Gandhi’s party got defeated. The election commission of India played its role in organizing and conducting elections without any biases or wrong doings. These elections also proved that Indian  constitution has also ensured smooth functioning of executive bodies like the election commission.

In contrast the Pakistani constitution was ill formed from its inception. Its founding fathers never had the worldviews like those of their Indian counterparts. This has resulted in a Pakistani constitution which has faltered time and again. During most of Pakistan’s history it has been ruled by military and whenever an elected government has taken office, it has been dictated by the army generals. The result is Pakistan is not a free and fair country. democracy has never functioned there. People of Pakistan have never been able to enjoy the fruits of democracy which their counterparts in India largely enjoy.

In India some rightist parties want to turn India the way Pakistan has gone. they want to undermine the Indian constitution by questioning the equal rights for all people. Any government when undermines fundamental democratic values then you can not think of progress, prosperity, peace and economic growth.


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