Posted by: ahmedashfaque | January 21, 2015

project management leadership traits -1

There is always a conflicting debate about who can be a good leader for a project. Some people believe that the project manager should be a guy who is thoroughly into project management skills. Some people believe the project manager should have worked on all areas of a project and should have knowledge about technical and functional aspects of each and every activity carried out in a project. Who is right and who is wrong?

A software project includes activities like requirement management, software designing, software implementation, software testing, configuration management etc. If the project manager needs to have worked in all of these disparate areas and have technical and functional experience in each of them? The simple truth is that any person can never work in all these areas in his/her lifetime. thus he/she may not experience in all these areas. He/she can at the most have worked in one or 2 areas.

So how a person can effectively manage areas where he/she never have any experience?

The answer lies in the fact that any task can be managed by measuring the metrics. If a project manager assigns a design work to a software designer then the project manager already has knowledge about the design scope, and effort estimates. Thus the project manager can give a deadline date by which the designer is supposed to finish his/her work.  When the software designer fails to meet the deadline then the project manager can discuss the matter the with designer. if there are any bottlenecks then the project manager will ensure that those bottlenecks are removed.

When the software designer finishes the work then the project manager can evaluate whether the design meets the requirements of providing suitable design for all requirements. Even if the project manager does not know as to how to design but he/she certainly can evaluate the design for quality.

This is how a project manager is supposed to manage the project.


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