Posted by: ahmedashfaque | January 22, 2015

project management leadership traits -2

One interesting question also arises when we speak of leadership skills for a project manager. What if the project manager has only extremely good project management skills but has no experience in the domain of the project? Suppose a project manager is appointed for a software project but the project manager has no experience in working in the software industry. How the project manager is supposed to work in this environment?

This is a very good question indeed. from the definition of the role, the project manager is supposed to handle a project with only skills required is that of project management. So the project manager is supposed to be good on project planning, project initiation, project controlling etc. Theoretically it is feasible. But practically it is difficult. The project manager must have some experience of software engineering processes if the project is for developing or maintaining a software product.

The the first question arises as to how the project manager is going to make the project plan? Surely he can sit with software engineers and find out their effort estimates. But what about phasing out various activities? He/she will not have any idea which activities precede other activities and how each activity is related to other activities. Even if the project manager is able to chalk out the project plan then he will still have problems when the project execution starts. As is the case on most projects of all types, software projects are notoriously chaotic. Large number of problems keep coming up. Solving all those problems need hands on experience. Especially in the software industry you need to have lots of creativity and prior experience to sort out issues coming up daily. There is also a question of dealing with change requests. Most people are not able to cope with these challenges.

Project managers must have some prior experience in working on relevant projects. These prior experiences are gained by working on software projects in some capacity. Only then a project manager will be able to cope up with the challenges which keep coming on daily basis. A good project manager with some prior experience can handle the problems quickly and ensure that the project execution progresses satisfactorily.


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