Posted by: ahmedashfaque | January 24, 2015

project management leadership traits -3

In Scrum, role of a project manager is limited. The software engineers are supposed to self manage themselves. The product owner is supposed to take care of requirement management (product backlog) as well as completely own managing customer interaction. The project manager is supposed only to take care of external factors. So in essence, the project manager (Scrum master) has nothing to do related to the project itself. He is supposed to manage things like taking care of infrastructure required (internet, PCs, office etc.). Also the Scrum master will be responsible for configuration management.

Scrum projects are supposed to be very small (6-7 people). Now consider the case of large projects. In Scrum it is possible to have Scrum of Scrums. It means many Scrums teams working on the same project. Suppose we have 3 Scrum teams here. So total people may add up to some 20 to 30 people. Each project team (Scrum) may have its own iteration (Sprint) plan. Each team will be driven by the product owner assigned to that team. In this case, there is possibility of schedule conflicts. Release cycles will be difficult to manage. What will happen is that each team will be hankering for its own priorities and thus a common release dates will be difficult to be met.

In such a scenario there must be a responsible person who will ensure smooth release cycles. That means a true project manager is required who will take care of schedule management of all Scrum teams. This person will work with all Scrum teams to control what is happening with planned release and whether all project teams will be able to meet the release dates.


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