Posted by: ahmedashfaque | February 13, 2015

Do you need a 600 page book to learn Java?

Today my book “Learn Java Programming the easy way” has been published (Kindle edition). This book is sized 99 pages. If people can learn Java programming in 99 pages?

Java is a rich programming language. Extensive libraries have been written in Java which take care of all infrastructure requirements to create software products with ease. Programmers do not have to worry about the operating system, memory management etc. Programmers can also develop software products using databases, networking etc. without thinking about how to manage them. It is because the libraries available with Java takes care of these management tasks. Programmers only have to import these libraries within their source code.

Large programming books describe and document how these features can be used in Java for programming. But if you want to learn Java then you do not need to think about these large documentation and their explanation (you can always learn about them after you have good grasp of the Java language). Because of these explanations, a programming books becomes large. Otherwise the main concepts of programming including variables, methods, classes, objects etc. do not need to be explained in more than 100 pages.

What i have done is that I explained the concepts of programming in detail with examples. You can learn these concepts in my book. Once your basic concepts are clear then you can do any kind of programming. The most important aspect is that your concepts should be clear.

This book provides not only programming concepts but also covers software design aspects. For example, if you want to design a web based software product then what kind of classes you need to create. Both database programming and web based programming are covered in my book. But still the most important point about this book is that it covers conceptual concepts which are not covered by any book on Java programming. For example I have explained about objects which is not covered by any other book. (In most books on Java programming, objects are wrongly explained).

Smaller size of the book will help you to grasp concepts clearly and quickly. You do not have to spend a lot of time going through some 600 pages to grasp programming concepts.

I am sure this book will be extremely useful to you. Enjoy reading my book!


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