Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 22, 2015

Difference between a library & a framework

Object oriented programming languages like Java extensively use both libraries and frameworks (also known as design patterns). Though a library and a framework may look the same; however theere are vital differences betwween the two. That is why in some instances you may use one and in some other instances you maay use the other. In all cases, you can not replace one with the other. Let us understand the differences between the two.

A library is a collection of prebuilt classes containing useful functions which developers can use in their programming. For example there are .jar files in Java which are prebuilt libraries. Some well known examples of .Jar files include JDBC connector, databases, application servers etc. A Complete software product can be compiled and a jar file can be built and can be distributed.

A design framework (or a design pattern) on the other hand is a template. This template is similar to a web template. Using a web template you can build web pages easily. A web  template contains all the design aspects of a web page. You only need to provide content in a web template and your web page becomes ready within minutes. There are many types of web templates. Many website designing sources provide many kinds of web templates. Using a different web template you can build a different looking web page.

A design framework is very similar to a web template. There are many types of design frameworks for building different kinds of software applications. For example there is a design framework to build a model view controller architecture based software applications.

Design frameworks are very useful for building software applications. Since the templates (design frameworks) have been created by industry experts, they do not contain any software defects. Using them to build a software application thus ensures that your software application will have few software defects. A more profound benefit of these design frameworks is that it allows to build software applications very quickly.

Java provides a lot of design frameworks. Many developers have developed design frameworks which can be used to build software applications quickly.


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