Posted by: ahmedashfaque | December 11, 2015

software engineering course

I am in the process of creating videos for my lecture series on software engineering. So far I have recorded 7 videos. I will keep adding videos. You can subscribe to my software engineering channel so that you will get updates.

My lecture series has some outstanding objectives.

  1. Most software engineering courses teach students to write software programs which do only user interface stuff like creating some animated figure. Most software products in the software industry are built using databases. Thus students lack full knowledge about software development. I have included a case study for building a software product which has a user interface, a business logic and a database. This will generate a thorough knowledge about software development in students.
  2. I will upload source code of a fully functional software product on this website soon. Students can download this source code and can understand how a software product should be made. This download will be freely available to everybody.
  3. Many universities teach software engineering only up to designing a software product. Software construction (software programming) where software source code is written is not covered adequately. My lecture series covers source code writing aspect as well.

If you have any queries then you can write back.


Here is the list of videos recorded so far.

  1. Software Engineering course – lecture 1

2. Software Engineering course – lecture 2

3. Software Engineering course – lecture 3

4. Software Engineering course – lecture 4

5. Software Engineering course – lecture 5

6. Software Engineering course – lecture 6

7. Software engineering course – lecture 7


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