Posted by: ahmedashfaque | December 26, 2015

popularity of my website

Today reported that my website is the 38th most popular website in the world. It also reported that it is worth $620560544. Initially I thought it was a hoax. But I checked all the stats and found that at least the popularity part is correct. I have no idea about the valuation.

I get some 50,000 hits per day over my network of website/blog + youtube channels + linkedin + twitter + facebook accounts. My author pages at amazon and Taylor & Francis publisher’s also helps in increasing my web traffic. So the stats are correct.

I thank all my visitors and viewers for making my efforts worthwhile.



  1. Some porn websites are highly ranked than yours. Ranking does not matter my friend! Visitors simply leave without doing useful work that you expected at your website.

    • You are absolutely right. Let the porn sites get more popular. As far as i am concerned, I am very much satisfied with my website.

  2. What is need of “ranked 38th most popular in the world“? Really popular websites do not claim these. Visitors knew popularities by content of websites

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