Posted by: ahmedashfaque | January 25, 2016

Why software programming is difficult to automate?

Software products help to automate many manual tasks. For example, if you want to take a customer order then you write down the order details on a piece of paper. Then you pass this information to the production department. The production department then finds out what raw materials will be needed and what production processes will be employed to produce the required order items. The production department also aggregates many orders so that production runs can be scheduled.

Using manual processes (pieces of paper) to do everything results in many problems. For example going through all the orders and segregating order items from each of those orders may be error prone and the production run scheduling may thus be faulty. Doing all the paper work is also laborious. If during the entire process of information processing, something goes wrong then tracing back is also difficult.

Due to these reasons, software systems have been built which help in doing all the information processing. Software systems have become extremely useful for many kinds of information processing.

Now the question is: if software products help in automating things then why building software products itself can not be automated?

The simple answer is that software products are the results of innovative thinking. If for resolving a problem, there is already a software product available; then building another software product is simply not needed. But if people find it difficult to do some manual work and no software product currently exists for automating this work then some software product can be thought of which can provide a solution to this problem. This implies that building software products always requires innovative thinking. Present day computers are not capable of innovative thinking.

Even though artificial intelligence field is emerging fast, it is still not possible to take help from this field in automating the process of building software products.


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