Posted by: ahmedashfaque | February 13, 2016

Software product development: some new thinking

Software products are being developed at increasing pace with no hindering blocks whatsoever. More and more new types of software products are being thought about and being developed. One area which saw tremendous amount of new thinking and new products coming into market for the last decade has been software products in the area covering social media. Software products for Medical and health related areas is also one area where lots of new software are being developed. The most exciting area here is remote health services.

Now it is possible to sense and measure body temperature, body scans (brain scan, heart scan, lung scan etc.), blood pressure all other diagnostic tests remotely using modern hardware devices. Thus a doctor sitting somewhere in Europe can check up a patient located in India in real time. This new kind of hardware combined with software can allow a doctor to check up a patient remotely and thus even if the patient is located in some far flung remote village; the doctor can still do his/her work. This indeed is a very exciting area and a lot of work is being carried out by many companies and many eminent people are involved to develop new technologies. this kind of arrangement will become extremely valuable to people living in villages in developing countries who have no access to good health care services.

Finally one area which has always witnessed a lot of attention over last several decades is artificial intelligence. This area is definitely getting funding and many research projects keep going on. New kind of software development is always taking place in this area. Already we have some computer programs which are reasonably intelligent and can do things like speech recognition, analyze situations and provide fitting solutions (e.g. a chess player software) etc.


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