Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 1, 2016

Efficacy of software testing

A software product once built, need to be tested to ensure that whatever software defects it contains is detected and subsequently removed. Software testing is essentially a labor intensive work. Software testers study the requirement specification documents and then write test cases. These test cases evaluate if the software product is working as per requirement specifications. Based on the test cases, test data will be prepared and test cases will be run. If any defects are found then they are reported and then fixed.

The test team may want to test the entire product and each and every possible alternative way of doing computations. Unfortunately there is a time limit to do testing. It is because you need to wrap up testing as fast as possible so that the software product can be released for deployment. Any delay may result in market opportunity loss as well as unjustified testing costs.

The best way to do testing is to find out ways to do enough testing for the software product in the given timeframe. Some techniques including boundary value analysis, decision tree testing etc. help in doing testing within time limits. Boundary value analysis is used to find out number of test cases needed for doing testing for a business logic. Generally if there is contiguous range of expected result for a piece of business logic then it may need only 3 test cases: one test case with test value below the expected range, one with above the expected range and one within the range.

Decision trees are involved when you have expected outcome from a business logic not in one range but within several ranges. You will need to determine which range will be applicable for a test case by implementing a decision tree.



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