Posted by: ahmedashfaque | August 27, 2016

Brain tumors and their deadly consequences

My father was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor. After diagnosis, it was found that it was one of the most deadly type of brain tumor commonly known as Glio Blastoma Multiforme (GBM). This type of tumor grows very fast and within 4-5 months it can grow to a size of 4 cm or more and may cause extensive damage in the brain. The first thing to do when this type of tumor is found is to remove it through a brain surgery. Later chemo and radio therapy must be done so that growth of recurring tumor can be checked.

But even after surgery followed by chemo and radio therapy, this kind of tumor is bound to grow fast and kill the patient. Average life expectancy of patients is only 3 to 4 months if surgery is not performed to remove the tumor. Average life expectancy of patients is 1 to 2 years if surgery followed by chemo and radio therapy is performed. There is no other treatment is currently available for these patients.

We have followed the standard prescribed treatment procedure to treat my father. We also tried to found out alternative treatments for this tumor as the standard treatment is not satisfactory and life expectancy can not be increased much.

We came to know that Ayurveda has a treatment for brain tumors. Similarly the Guyabano fruit and leaves have good effect on tumor patients. There is also a treatment available in Homeopathy. All of these treatments can be performed in parallel with the standard treatment.

So we are giving treatment to my father which is a combination of allopathy (standard treatment), homeopathy, ayurveda, guyabano fruit and leaves.

We are not sure as to how much benefit alternative medicines will provide in treatming my father but at least we are trying to maximize life expectancy of my father.


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