Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 15, 2016

What is an evolutionary prototype (a kind of feasibility study)?

Prototypes are extremely important in building software products. The throwaway prototype was discussed in the last post. Now let us discuss evolutionary prototype in this post.

On some projects, it is required to show only rudimentary functionality to users (navigation, user interfaces, basic business logic etc.). In such cases, a throwaway prototype is good fit. However, on projects where a lot of business logic needs to be tested by the users then the project team has no option but to write business logic in the prototype so that users can check if the business logic works as per their requirements.

This kind of prototype is known as evolutionary prototype.

Writing business logic requires a lot of effort by the project team. So when a project team creates an elaborate prototype during feasibility study for a software product then they ensure that the business logic written for the prototype can be reused during actual software development. this is why, this type of prototype is known as evolutionary prototype.




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