Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 27, 2016

What is a project? Introduction (part 1)

People define a project as a series of activities which are planned and carried out within a certain period of time. Projects also consume resources apart from time. These resources could be time spent by people or machines and material.

A project can be taken to accomplish anything. The guiding principle is that the project has a definite start date when the project commences and there is a definite end date when the project finishes.

Let me give one example from my own personal life. Recently my father was diagnosed with Glio Blastoma Multiforme (GBM) stage 4 brain tumor. It is the deadliest kind of brain tumor and one of the deadliest diseases. The doctor advised for immediate surgery to remove the tumor as this type of tumor grows fast and within 1 month, it would infect many parts of the brain and it would be impossible to remove it then. So we decided to have the brain surgery and my father’s tumor was removed. Generally it is impossible to remove a brain tumor completely through surgery and the remaining traces of the tumor is generally burned though a combination of chemo and radiation therapy. My father’s mental and physical health after brain surgery was weak. Both radiation and chemo therapy have deep adverse side effects on the human body. If a person is physically weak then these therapies are difficult to perform. Finally we decided to go only for radiation therapy for my father.

The allopathic treatment has this much of treatment for brain tumor patients. Generally after brain tumor removal, tumors are bound to grow. Next time when the tumor grows, it is impossible to remove it. So there is a limitation to allopathic treatment. This is especially true for GBM brain tumors as they grow within 8 to 12 months to the same size which was removed and that is why they are so dangerous.

There is no guaranteed treatment for this phenomenon. But in alternative medicine, there is some hope. After much research, I found that Homeopathy medicine has some cancer (brain tumors are a type of cancer) treatment available. Ayurveda has also some promise for cancer treatment though they claim it can help with varying degree of success. There are also some foods which fight cancer like turmeric, Guabano fruit & leaves, cumin seed, Barley/Wheat grass etc. Again how much benefit they provide is still not very clear. How and how much to consume them is also not clear.

After getting all the information from various sources, i decided to take my father’s illness as a project and plan the treatment accordingly. Even though many things were not clear about the treatment at the beginning but still I was able to decide about some major milestones. I was also able to find out about the length of time, the treatment will last.

We will discuss about this project in detail in next posts.



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