Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 29, 2016

What is a project? – Project Planning for resources (part 3)

In the last post in this series, we saw how a project charter and project objectives should be made. The next step is to do project planning. In our case, the project planning may involve estimating the effort required, resources and the skills needed, time frame for the medical treatment, costs involved and budgeting. Progress Reports from time to time as well as major reports including whether the patient is cancer free.

Here are the major project planning components:


  • A good neuro-surgeon with experience in operating on brain tumors.
  • A good neuro-medicine doctor who will prescribe appropriate medicine
  • A good radiologist who will assess how much radiation & medicine needs to be given to the patient during radiation therapy
  • A good chemologist who will assess how much chemo therapy & medicine needs to be given to the patient during chemo therapy
  • A good medicine doctor who will determine as to what kind of medicine will be needed from time to time for temporary or long term common diseases (viral flue, blood sugar, blood pressure etc.)
  • Caregivers who will take care of all needs of the patient while the patient is incapacitated due to brain surgery and later
  • Hospital with good facilities for brain surgery including a well equipped ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for brain surgery
  • Hospital with good Radio & Chemo therapy facilities
  • A good Ayurveda doctor who will prescribe ayurvedic medicine
  • A good Homeopathic doctor who will prescribe Homeopathic medicine
  • A dietician with good research capabilities to find out foods which fight cancer so that appropriate diet can be given to the patient

All these resources may not be needed for the full duration of the project. For example, caregivers may be needed for the entire duration of the project; a neuro-surgeon will be needed only when brain surgery is done. Similarly a hospital will be needed only when surgery is done or any therapy is needed or when the patient is needed to be admitted for any minor ailments.

Contingency planning for resources is also included here. For example, the medicine doctor is required both during brain surgery as well whenever the patient has any minor or major ailments during the entire medical treatment.



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