Posted by: ahmedashfaque | November 13, 2016

Foundations of software engineering

My book “Foundations of software engineering” is getting rave reviews by professors at Universities in the USA. It has already become a textbook at following universities:

  • Fitchburg State University
  • Nova Southern University
  • North Carolina A&T State University
  • Florida A&M State University

In one year time, I can expect some 500 universities adopting my book worldwide.

Most professors who have reviewed my book classify my book as having simple terminology which is easy to understand by people who have no prior background in software engineering. One more important aspect about my book is that it has a live project component. People learn the best when they have to work on designing and building any product. That is why, most universities today have a capstone project as part of their software engineering curriculum.

There is no such book on software engineering which fulfills this need to have a live project to build a software product. My book fulfills this requirement extremely well.

Here are some of the reviews i have received so far:


Dear Ashfaque,
I had a brief look at the book.  I really like it.  It has just what I would like in a course and looks very well organized.  And thanks for including the bank example.  I will be using it as textbook next semester.  -Mahadev

Dr. Nadimpalli Mahadev

Department of Computer Science
Fitchburg State University



Thank you for contacting me.  I would appreciate if we could communicate more.
I received an e copy of your book in VitalSource.  I like the writing.  It is refreshingly clear and, for the students, nicely concise (without being like the list approach in early editions of Sommerville).  Being very unhappy with later editions of Sommerville, I was considering the saasinfo book.  But I have now adopted your book for the semester starting in January.
Half of my students are online.  I plan to run the project with mixed teams to give a more realistic experience.  (I have been using WebRatio for projects because it stresses the teams without creating a lot of coding work.)
What I want to do with the textbook is to have a weekly online quiz to make sure they are reading the book and have become familiar with the terminology.  Then I can use my lectures for more in depth discussions. Any help with creating good quizzes that require them to actually understand the terms would be great.  We use Blackboard, but I can copy and paste questions in our LMS format.
I should say another thing about my approach to building this course.  I have 20 years of industry experience including 10 on projects with NASA (in the 80’s using the original PERT practices from Apollo) and 5 years in the Software Technology Lab at HP Labs in Palo Alto under Martin Griss and Mary Loomis (where I introduced Agile practices back in 2000, after attending Kent Beck’s first workshop).  More recently I consulted with Motorola for 5 years on process improvement using Lean and Six Sigma and am a frequent contributor to the Patterns community.  So I know this stuff pretty well and have a lot of stories to illustrate the issues.
My new concerns going forward are for the students to be comfortable using Git and maybe Slack, and understand the DevOps flow and cloud deployment strategies.  (The model of building applications by writing code from scratch is long dead.)

Dr. Michael Van Hilst


Department of Engineering and Information Technology

Nova Southern University



Thanks, Mr. Ahmed. I will buy this one and use some of your slides for my soft engg course.

Thank You.

Best Regards,


Kaushik Roy, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Computer Science
North Carolina A&T State
University, Greensboro, NC 27411 USA

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