Posted by: ahmedashfaque | January 17, 2017

Explanations for my book “Foundations of software engineering”

Most authors publish errata for their books. But i am not content only with errata. I have decided to publish explanations for parts of my book. I admit, at places, the explanations provided to explain a concept is not enough. Some explanations can be understood almost all people. But some explanations provided in the book are not enough for some people.

For this reason, I am inviting all readers of my book to send a note to me with either the explanation or need for an explanation for a part of my book which needs more explanation.

I have put a file with all the explanations on my site titled “explanation-se.doc”. Anybody looking for further explanations can download this file and find explanations. People who are interested to include some explanation can send me an email at and i will do the needful.

Reader’s have the option to get their names published. If they opt for it then their name with affiliations will appear below the explanation provided by them. If they wish their names not to appear then the explanation will be added as anonymous contribution.

I am completely open for all explanations and errata found in my book. I have also been maintaining the errata file on my site with file name “errata-se1.doc”.


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