Posted by: ahmedashfaque | April 6, 2017

Whether software components can ever become true plug and play things?

Software industry has always fancies for a day when software components will become true plug and play things. After all electronics industry has become a true plug and play arena for electronics components for a long time. You can always replace a faulty electronic component with a new one and your electronic gadget will never complain. Why software components have not become true plug and play things yet. Let us discuss.

Software products are essentially service oriented in nature. Especially in the era of the Internet, people do not buy software products. They use software products which are installed somewhere on the world wide web. Off course there are software products like word processors or spreadsheets which users still buy, install on their computers and use. But these kinds of software products will also be replaced by their cousins which can be installed somewhere on the world wide web and can be used from anywhere.

Thus this kind of scenario requires software products to be service oriented. This also means that a single software product installation should be able to service thousands if not millions of users. This is in direct contrast to the scenario for electronic products; which are overwhelmingly meant to be used by only a few people per installation.

Even if a software product vendor creates a true plug and play software component; it will not make much economic sense. How many people will actually buy such software components? Not many in fact! After all how many installations of such a software component will be there globally?

Thus it does not make any sense in developing such software components.


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