Posted by: ahmedashfaque | June 3, 2017

Importance of technical documentation

Everybody knows importance of user manuals. Without user manuals, using a software product by end users becomes very difficult as software products have become very large and complex. navigating and finding the right functionality to be used sometimes becomes laborious task. How transactions need to be performed using a software product also sometimes become tricky. user manuals become very handy in these scenarios.

For the technical support people, user manuals are also handy. But they need more than just user manuals. They need to know the internals of the software product do perform any kind of maintenance. So for them a complete knowledge about the software design is extremely important.

Very often, the project team which designed and built the software product become lazy and do not create the important software designs. In most cases, they know the design by heart and they have use for themselves for elaborate software designs. They consider it waste of time in doing this work. But when the software product is deployed and goes into production and users find defects or difficulty in using the software product then lack of good software design becomes a real handicap for the technical support team. In such a scenario, the software vendor is bound to face loss of revenue as users will not be able to use such a software product.

During software development process, software design often gets changed. The initial software design is not changed and updated whenever this change in software design happens. This is one of the most common problems on software projects.

Updated and complete technical documentation thus is very important for any software product to become successful.




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  3. Thankyou for wonderful article. It has more Information in Your Website sap video tutorial.

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