Posted by: ahmedashfaque | September 29, 2017

Why Agile is beautiful?

In Agile methods of developing software products; the emphasis is on thinking small at a time. Project teams work on developing small software products at a time. The small software product referred here is actually a set of software product features, which can be developed and can be deployed within a short period of time (1 weeks to 4 weeks). This is an enormous gain on traditional software development methods which used to take 6 months – 1 year – or even many years.

In many cases, by the time, the software product was ready, it had already become obsolete. You can easily imagine this kind of scenario where a software product being developed took 2 years to complete. By that time many changes may already have occurred in technology (mobile technology including operating system etc.) or business processes (tax system, company focus etc.). So taking such a long time in developing a software product was always a bad idea (may be good when things were not changing that fast. Some 50 years ago or so).

Agile methods changed all that. Now project teams do not consider to build a large software product over a long period of time. Instead they build small increments over a small time frame of some weeks. These small increments in software product are actually some software product features which are developed as per current market demand. This means that software development is always in synch with the market. The beauty lies in the fact that, these small increments in the software product are always executable and thus are a new version of the software product. These software product versions are shippable and can be usedĀ  by end users.


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