Posted by: ahmedashfaque | January 26, 2018

Software Engineering in the Agile World

I love doing 2 things in life: writing books and creating software products. The twain meet through my books and accompanying software products. I have been writing textbooks on subjects related to software engineering for the last 10 years. My previous book “Foundations of software engineering” was received well at many universities in USA, India, Canada, Australia, UAE, Nigeria, Jordan, Israel, Malaysia and universities in many other countries.

I have written my new book “Software engineering in the Agile World” based on the feedback I received from many professors from Universities around the world. Some important features in my new book include:
* Hands on approach to learning software engineering,
* Easy to understand object oriented programming concepts,
* Database programming including Entity relationship diagram,
* Model-view-controller architecture,
* Building a software product as a Scrum project,

* Use of agile models (Scrum) in building software products, etc.

I have used an easy to understand language in writing my book so that it is easy to grasp even difficult concepts of software engineering by almost anyone. No prior knowledge in software engineering including software programming is assumed from readers of my book to understand the concepts provided in my book.

A complete case study to build a complete software product is provided in my new book “Software Engineering in the Agile World”. The case study is based on creating a smart city system which will provide information about various facilities available in a city (parks, zoos, museums, restaurants, malls, colleges, libraries, industries, hotels etc.). All the requirement specifications, software architecture and software design is provided in the book. The source code of this software product can be downloaded from my website This case study is based on Scrum. The software product is built incrementally. The Release and Sprint plans have been created accordingly (there are 10 Sprints in 3 Releases of the software product). I have also provided the design and source code for this project on my Google drive. To access my google drive, you will have to send an email to me as all material there is not in public domain.

A recorded video lecture series on a course in software engineering is provided on my youtube channell. This lecture series is completely based on my book. All the videos are contained inside my youtube channel
I have also provided all the instructions (including youtube videos at the channel mentioned in the above link) as to how to install the source code of the software product and run the application. If you still find difficulties then you can send me an email and I will help you out.

More case studies based on object oriented software design and Scrum are available on my website ((given above) and on my Google drive. I will also keep building some more case studies on new technologies (mobile platforms, Artificial Intelligence etc.). All this material will become available on my website and Google drive.

You can buy my book from Amazon. The landing page is provided at The book comes in 2 formats: Kindle and paperback versions.

Warm Regards

Ashfaque Ahmed,



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