About me

Ashfaque Ahmed is a seasoned software engineering professional having more than 29 years of experience. He has worked as a programmer analyst, software engineer, project manager, test engineer, test manager and business analyst in his career. He has work experience in all areas of software engineering including requirement management, software design, software construction, software testing and database design. He has worked for leading multinational companies in his career. He has worked in countries including USA, Canada, UAE, India, Libya, and Nigeria.

Ashfaque Ahmed is a well known author. He has written many books including “Software testing as a service”, “Software project management: a process driven approach”, “The SAP Materials Management Handbook” and 2 smaller books. His last book “Foundations of software engineering” has become a textbook at many universities in countries including USA, India, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Jordan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, Israel etc. His latest book “Software Engineering in the Agile World” published in January 2018 is becoming an even more popular book at universities around the world. This book is already adopted at more than 20 universities around the world.

Ashfaque Ahmed is a well known software engineer. He designs and builds software products for education purpose. He has designed and built many software products including an online bank account access system (OBAAS), smart city system, technical support system, defect tracking system etc.

Ashfaque Ahmed is a popular personality on social media. His handle on twitter “saphead4u” has more than 275,000 followers. His channels on youtube are also very popular. His software engineering channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCocTdfI3p1tKDQEbQzDWrPg has very popular training videos on software engineering. His blog at https://ahmedashfaque.wordpress.com contains thoughtful and popular articles on software engineering and other topics. His website at https://ahmedashfaque.wordpress.com/software-engineering contains lots of material for software engineering including teaching slides, source code for building software products etc. These materials are supplementary materials for his software engineering books.

Ashfaque Ahmed received his Bachelor of Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India in 1988 and Master of Business Administration from Indira Gandhi National Open University, India in 1997.




  1. Nice blog mate. I like all your post.

  2. This java is very problematic. My net banking is powered through java.Every few days it has to be updated whenever I log in. Time consuming.

    • What kind of update you need to do?

  3. Hi there! I found your blog interesting and I’ve got something to ask you….
    I’m gathering (inviting) a bunch of very talented but not so famous bloggers to share articles to TOAC and create something better than the Huffington Post or any other news blog.
    I want you to be a part of it. Please visit our site https://yourthoughtmatters.wordpress.com/recruitments/ if this interests you.

    • thanks for your offer. But i do not have any time for your blog. All the best to you for your blog.

      • Alright. Thanks for the reply. I would really appreciate it if you told your friends about us.:)

  4. Please get in touch. I am interested to know whether we can interview you for our blog.

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