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This page has all the information about the book “Foundations of Software Engineering”. As a companion for this book, I have created following materials:

  1. Source code for case study. You can download the source code to see how a software product is constructed after it is designed.
  2. Teaching material for instructors who will use this book to teach software engineering by using this book.
  3. A set of videos for a Course on software engineering based on my book “Foundations of software engineering”
  4. Table of contents & front matter
  5. Sample Chapter
  6. Errata file – This file will contain reported errata in the book. This file will be maintained here.
  7. Explanation file – Readers can submit any part of the book which they find difficult to understand. Explanation will be provided by authors or any readers for these parts of the book. Submitters can opt to get their names displayed or not. Depending on preference of the submitter, an explanation can either be anonymous or have the name of the submitter.
  8. Software engineering quiz: There are 437 questions in this quiz. They are grouped chapterwise. This quiz is being used by American professors for grading their students. So students will not have access to this quiz. However Software Professionals will have access to this quiz. If you have bought my book and want this quiz then email me at I will send it by email.
  9. Additional chapters: Many readers and professors are asking for some more content for the book. I will introduce this content either as a new chapter or part of any existing chapter. This material will be available on this website without any restriction and can be downloaded freely.

Table of contents:

TOC & Front Matter

Sample Chapter

Chapter 5


Teaching Slides:


SE-teaching slides-chapter1

SE-teaching slides-chapter2

SE-teaching slides-chapter3

SE-teaching slides-chapter4

SE-teaching slides-chapter5

SE-teaching slides-chapter6

SE-teaching slides-chapter7

SE-teaching slides-chapter8

SE-teaching slides-chapter9

SE-teaching slides-chapter10

SE-teaching slides-chapter11

SE-teaching slides-chapter12

SE-teaching slides-chapter13

SE-teaching slides-case-study


Errata File:

Errata file


Explanation file:



Source code:

The entire source code of the OBAAS system is contained in the following Microsoft word and pdf files. You can download these files and then separate out various web pages and class files. The web page names are given and below them is the code. Just copy the content of each of the file on a separate HTML page if it is a jsp file, In case of java files, create a package named “pack_bank” and create java files as per the java file names given in the java class files document and then paste appropriate source code in each of the class files.

There is also a database creation script file named “database-script.doc”. Install Oracle database and create a user. For this user create the database tables and sequence as given in this document. I have created a user with user name as “bankuser” with a password “bankuser”. If you create a user with different user name and password then provide those user name and password in the “” class file.

If you have problems in installation after downloading then you can send me a mail at and I will try to help.

Download these installation files here:







After downloading these files you can watch this video as to how to install OBAAS:


Software Engineering youtube channel

Software Engineering Course Videos:

  1. Software Engineering course – lecture 1 (introduction)

2. Software Engineering course – lecture 2 (software engineering methodology)

3. Software Engineering course – lecture 3 (feasibility study)

4. Software Engineering course – lecture 4 (software requirements)

5. Software Engineering course – lecture 5 (software high level design)

6. Software Engineering course – lecture 6 (user interface design)

7. Software engineering course – lecture 7 (software programming part 1)

8. Software engineering course – lecture 8 (software programming part 2)

9. Software engineering course – lecture 9 (software programming part 3)

10. Software engineering course – lecture 10 (software programming part 4)

11. Software engineering course – lecture 11 (database design)

12. Software engineering course – lecture 12 (software testing part 1)

13. Software engineering course – lecture 13 (software testing part 2)

14. Software engineering course – lecture 14 (software release)

15. Software engineering course – lecture 15 (software maintenance)

16. Software engineering course – lecture 16 (software configuration management)

17. Software engineering course – lecture 17 (software project management)


How to build software products – video series

  1. How to build software products? Step 1 – Software Requirements

2. How to build software products? step 2 – Software high level design

3. How to build software products? step 3 – user interfaces

4. How to build software products? step 4 – software middle layer design

5. How to build software products? step 5 – database design

6. How to build software products? step 6 – implement user interface design

7. How to build software products? step 7 – setting up IDE

8. How to build software products? step 8 – create database

9. How to build software products? step 9 –

10. How to build software products? step 10 – creating client & server side scripts

11. How to build software products? step 11 – software release for OBAAS1.1 & OBAAS1.2

12. How to build software products? step 12 – software testing

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